stripeGot super to combine?

win 2 holidays of a lifetime

Double your holidays, not your super fees.

Combine your other super savings with Russell Investments. You’ll make things simpler by having all your super in one place and save on paying double sets of account fees.

Plus, you’ll also be in the running to win a $10,000 Flight Centre gift card so you can enjoy a holiday now, and a $10,000 super boost so you can enjoy a holiday once you finish work.*

That’s double the reason.

Don’t pay double fees

Having more than one account means you could be paying hundreds of dollars in duplicate fees and insurance premiums every year.

The money you save by having just one super account could turn into thousands of dollars when you retire.

Enjoy a $10,000 holiday now.

And a $10,000 super boost (so you can enjoy a holiday later). *

For a limited time, combine your other super savings into your iQ Super account and you’ll be in the running to win $20,000 worth of prizes.

A $10,000 Flight Centre gift card (to enjoy now), and a $10,000 super boost so you can enjoy a holiday once you finish work.*

Don’t miss out - this offer ends on 31 December 2019.

Take control

One account is easier to keep track of and manage (no-one wants double the paperwork). Plus, you can view and manage your super in the one place.

Don't know where your other super is? Don't worry. We can track it down for you.

It's super simple

It’s easier than ever to bring all your super into the one account. It’s so easy—in fact, you'll be joining the millions of other Australians who now only have one super account.^

Don’t know where all your other super is?

You can send us on a search, we’ll track it down instantly and tell you how much it’s worth.

Before deciding to combine, make sure you check the fees and features of your other super.


Find and combine your super online in seconds. Just log in to your account using your member number and password and go to ‘Find and combine’.

You’ll find your member number on your member card, or the email/letter we sent you. No password? No worries. You can request or reset it online.

Log in

Mobile App

See where your other super is hiding and combine it with a simple swipe.

Download the app to discover just how easy it can be to manage your super anywhere, anytime.


Over the phone

Find and combine your super over the phone in minutes.

Call us on 1800 555 667 to get it done today.

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Download a form

Just download, complete and return the form to us (no stamp needed).

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Just one more thing

Before you combine your super with us, you should find out about any fees your other fund might charge, as well as any entitlements or insurance cover that might stop when you close your other account.

Why Russell Investments?

We offer you great features to help you grow your super, so you can live a great life after work.

What big investors do

Many of the world’s largest investors turn to Russell Investments to guide and manage their money.

Like the world’s largest investors, your investment success requires an approach that brings together the world’s leading managers and strategies in your super portfolio while actively navigating any uncertainty.

The tools to help you retire with more

You have access to a wide range of tools and services to help you make the most of your super savings.

From your own personalised super To Do List, a suite of online Retire Ready tools, and access to financial advice if and when you want it (often at no-cost to you).

23 investment options

Choose from among 23 investment options.

Our award-winning multi-asset portfolios include diversified, outcome-oriented, sector, responsible and third-party investment options.

This means whether you’re a growth-focused investor or a conservative investor, there’s something right for you.


Low cost insurance #

Have peace of mind with some of the lowest cost insurance premiums in the market.#

You can choose from among Death, Total and Permanent Disablement, and Income Protection cover. You can add, change or cancel your insurance cover at any time, depending on how your circumstances change over time.

You're in good company

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